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I am passionate about helping everyday people Embrace training and nutrition. 


About Meg


About Meg

Here are a few things I want you to hear today:

 • You deserve a window of time today to spend on just YOU
•  Don’t be your own hater, be kind to you now and see what happens
•  Your relationship with yourself will change drastically when you treat yourself with respect, 
 an important part of nurturing your relationship with yourself is keeping the promises you've
   made to yourself


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45-minute and 60-minute sessions available at Goodlife Health Club Nerang. I specialise in hypertrophy (muscle building), strength progression and body recomposition.


Personal Training

45-minute and 60-minute sessions available at Zero Weakness (Arundel). I specialise in hypertrophy (muscle building), strength progression and body recomposition.

Face To Face Personal Training

Online Coaching

I LOVE flexible dieting (tracking macronutrients). It has completely transformed my relationship with food. It has my body running like a well-oiled machine. It allows me to enjoy whole foods and soul foods with a balanced approach. It does not feel restrictive, or like a ‘diet’. If you’re not 100% sure about what it takes to flexible diet and successfully track your macros, I’m your gal.

P.S. Not everyone wants to commit to tracking their daily food intake, which is a-okay. We can determine what works best for YOU, while still being conscious of what we eat, how it affects our mood and energy, and how we can use nutrition as a tool to reach our physique goals.

When it comes to training, I’m a firm believer that A) you should train in a way that you enjoy, and B) you should have a program to follow and keep you accountable.

Nutritional Coaching

meal plans

Meal plans aren’t for everybody - but they do serve a purpose. Meal plans can help you build consistent habits, learn about portion sizing and the breakdown of protein, carbohydrate and fat sources. Particularly if you are new to the world of flexible dieting; through set meal plans and guidance, I want to uncover just how simple planning your own food out can be. Set meal plans are also suited to those who prefer simplicity in the kitchen!

Custom meal plans start from $89.95



  • Individual macronutrient breakdown

  • Flexible dieting guidebook

  • Meal plan including your preference of number of meals, dietary needs, likes and dislikes

Meal Plans
Food Knolling
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